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How to withdraw funds Payoneer to Jazz Cash in 2020

Payoneer to Jazz Cash

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a global online banking system that enables you to receive funds internationally at no risk. Payoneer is a simple and easy solution for most people because it is very easy, receives funds globally and withdraws via a MasterCard in your local area. Anyone in the world can create a new Pioneer Account and send their MasterCard at no cost.

How to Create a Payoneer Account

What is Jazzcash

Jazz cash Mobile Account is like a bank account connected with your mobile number and actually operated on your mobile phone. Through with Jazzcash account, you can send and receive payment from the whole of Pakistan within one minute with very low charges. If you want to withdraw Rs1000 from your jazz account only 17 rupees deducted by jazz. It is a very popular and easy way to send and receive money from anywhere at any time in Pakistan. It is a very fast medium to transfer money from one jazz account to another in just 30 seconds.

How to create Jazzcash Debit Card

Payoneer to Jazzcash

How to withdraw funds Payoneer to Jazz cash in 2020

Payoneer to Jazzcash In this article, I am going to tell you how you can exchange Payoneer dollars into, jazz cash or bank transfer. Kukichanger is an e-currency exchange in Pakistan that fully supports the Payoneer platform so you can easily exchange Payoneer dollars in Pakistan. Payoneer Bank accounts are used to collect or withdraw funds in almost every freelance platform and operate worldwide. If you are working on a freelance platform, the Payoneer account is a good option for you to withdraw funds in Pakistan.

Payoneer to jazz cash step by step Guide

Jazz Cash now supports Payoneer, a global payment service that freelancers use to receive and send payments to worldwide. Payoneer is very simple and easy to use in Pakistan you can create Payoneer account free of cast.

After the latest update, JazzKash now offers easy linking to your Payoneer Account, allowing you to instantly withdraw money to your mobile account. It is a very big achievement for Pakistan provided by Jazz cash.

Payoneer to Jazcash


  • Login to Your JazzCash App
  • You will see the Payoneer logo into jazz cash dashboard
  • Click it on it
  • Now connecting Payoneer with JazzCash in few second
  • Click on the button Link Account

Step 2

  • Payoneer login page will appear
  • Enter to log in detail likes as Email and Password
  • Click Sign In
  • Congratulation /Hooray
  • Your Payoneer Account Successfully Connected with JazzCash
  • How to withdraw Payoneer Dollars to Jazzcash
  • Click on the Payoneer Icon on jazz cash App
  • After clicking you will go to transfer page
  • Enter the Doller you want to withdraw
  • Click on Withdraw You will see Exchange rate also
  • Click withdraw Button and funds transfer to jazz cash Account
  • You can withdraw a minimum $1 Payoneer to jazz cash


Are you searching for funds transfer Payoneer To Jazz Cash in this article we provide you complete detail about Payoneer to jazz Cash transfer? If you have some different method then share with us so we read it to add some more points to the article

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